Code of conduct

Here are the Eastland Trader’s expectations of user behaviour for the Eastland Trader online community.  

This Code of Conduct may change from time to time. Any new version will be deemed active when you next login. The Eastland Trader community expects buyers and sellers to: 

  1. Every member should get authenticated.    GET AUTHENTICATED
  2. Conduct themselves honestly and in good faith at all times.
  3. Comply with all laws, including sale of goods and intellectual property laws.
  4. Comply with Eastland Traders terms and conditions and policies.
  5. If your item is listed with an agent, business or company you can not place your ad for sale privately under your individual membership. If this occurs your ad will be removed and your account maybe terminated.

Sellers agree to:

  • Describe items fully and accurately.
  • Not sell their items knowing they are faulty. If item is faulty the seller agrees to disclose all information about the fault/s to the buyer.
  • Reply to buyers messages and questions as soon as practicably possible. If you are working and can only respond at certain times of the day, please state this in your ad listing.
  • Negotiate fairly with the buyer.
  • If the buyer wants goods to be couriered then cost of this and cost of goods is to be paid before the courier is dispatched. The seller agrees to do this within two working days. If the goods are not paid for by the buyer within two working days of the deal then seller has the right to cancel the original deal.

Buyers agree to:

  • Respond to the seller as soon as possible.
  • Pay for goods purchased when you pick them up or before goods are couriered.
  • Negotiate fairly with the seller.
  • Only to contact the seller by the ways the seller chooses.

Businesses agree to:

  • Comply with all relevant New Zealand laws, including the Fair Trading Act 1986 and its regulations, and the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.
  • Not allowed to trade unless they have paid for a commercial subscription.
  • Ensure goods are of acceptable quality, safe and durable, and draw attention to any defects.

Reporting bad behaviour: 

  • There is a ‘bad Behaviour’ button on every ad that is placed on this website. Read more in terms and conditions