1. How do I edit or delete my advert?

    Make sure you are logged in. Go to your account drop down menu and select “My Ads”. From there you can update or deactivate your ads. From a mobile phone once you click on “My Ads” you have to scroll across to see the update and deactivate buttons. Read more.

  2. Why am I getting billed $5 every month?

    Most people find this a benefit of our site as they only need to enter their credit cards details once. Sometimes it takes longer to sell something like a vehicle so this feature is very handy. You can cancel your membership at anytime, see FAQ #5. If you do not wish to use your credit card then you can pay cash or use internet banking. See FAQ #6. When you purchased your membership using your… Read more.

  3. 3. How do I place an ad in the Eastland Trader Booklet only?

    Follow the link below for further instructions www.eastlandtrader.co.nz/booklet-advertising.html Read more.

  4. How do I cancel my membership?

    Make sure you are logged in. Go to your account menu and select “Edit Profile” Scroll to the bottom of this section and cancel your membership. Read more.

  5. Where have my ads gone from the old site.

    Unfortunately we could not import your old ads into the new system. If you wish to place ads in the booklet alone then you need to email freeads@eastlandtrader.co.nz or phone 06 868 1949, fax 06 868 7938 or post to Eastland Trader, PO Box 93, Gisborne. If you wish to place ads on line then you need to register on the new site and then become a member. Once this has been processed every ad you… Read more.

  6. 6. Can I pay by cash or internet banking for my membership?

    Yes. If you register on the website. Then click the Membership tab, then select the membership term you want. Then contact us by email info@eastlandtrader.co.nz informing us you have done that. Once payment has been confirmed by either calling in to The Eastland Trader at 259 Gladstone Road, Gisborne or by paying by internet banking Bank account number 02-0636-0129125-013 your membership will be… Read more.

  7. 7. I can’t log in with my old user name and password?

    With the new site you need to re-register has we could not drag across passwords to the new site as we don’t store passwords. They are yours and yours only. If you want to place an ad online you will need to purchase a membership. Every ad you place online will also be placed in the booklet and also shared on social media. This will continue to happen until you remove your ad off the website. If… Read more.

  8. How do I sell an item?

    Once you have registered and chosen a membership you can click on “Sell Now” this will take you through the sale process. Please remember to uncheck and contact details you do not want displayed with your ad. Read more.