Authentication & Safety

Like any community website, we all rely on people acting responsibly. Here’s a brief guide to help you keep safe on this site.  

This website is an introduction service that puts buyers in contact with sellers. We are not responsible for the actual sale. It is your responsibility to ensure the item you are buying or selling is what it says it is. When you do, everyone wins.

Social Media

Listing items on the Eastland Trader is Safer than selling on Social Media, yet you still get all the benefits of Social Media. Every listings is shared automatically on our Social pages which have over 10,000 followers. Every listing is also printed in the Eastland Trader Booklet automatically every week.

Why is it safer? Every user must make contact through the Eastland Trader website. So no faceless messages or fake Facebook profiles. Talk to the seller direct, view the item, work out a deal and buy with piece of mind.

Get authenticated

Click here   Get authenticated    to prove you are trustworthy (scroll down to the bottom of your profile). Your personal information will not be displayed publicly and is only for Eastland Trader Online administration to check and apply your star rating. However, your public facebook profile will be displayed on our site if you choose to show this to us (anyone can view your public facebook profile, this is a fixed setting that facebook does not allow you to change).

Star Rating ***

If you supply 

  • Just your facebook profile = 1 star
  • If you supply us proof of your address = 1 star
  • If you supply us your face book profile and proof of your address or identity = 2 stars
  • If you supply us proof of your identity like your drivers licence or passport = 2 stars
  • If you supply us proof of your address and identity = 3 stars
  • If you supply us your facebook profile, proof of your address and identity = 3 stars


We recommend that sellers get authenticated, by checking against things like your address, drivers licence, Facebook profile. This proves to your buyers that you are who you say you are, and that you’re trustworthy. The authentication process doesn’t share your personal information with the public – it simply shows that you have provided that information to this website.


We recommend that buyers also get authenticated. This proves to sellers that they are a reliable person to do business with.

Commercial sellers (businesses) responsibilities  

Businesses that use this site must comply with all relevant New Zealand laws, including the Fair Trading Act 1986.

Reporting bad behaviour

There is a ‘bad Behaviour’ button on every ad that is placed on this website.

For a definition of ‘bad behaviour’ see our terms and conditions