Selling tips

How to sell an item

It’s quick and easy to publish an ad:

  1. Upload a picture from your computer or phone
  2. Write a descriptive title (up to five words) saying what the item is
  3. Choose a category
  4. Write your ad and set an asking price. Be clear and concise.
  5. The first 30 words of your ad will be printed in the Eastland Trader booklet.
  6. Choose how you wish to be contacted
  7. Save and publish

Your ad will immediately appear in the category you have selected, and be printed in the next issue of the Eastland Trader booklet. Your ad will also be shared on our Social Media pages.

Sell now

How to write a great ad

Great photos help an item to sell itself but you also need a descriptive title and a brief, precise, summary.

Aim for a maximum of 2-3 words in the title, and a brief detailed description of approximately 30 words. Including details like brand, age, condition and size will save you having to answer lots of questions. Think about how you search for things you’re looking for – put yourself in your potential buyer’s shoes and include the words they might use to look for something like you’re selling. For example, ‘Girls school uniform’ doesn’t say much, but ‘Girls uniform St Mary’s size 10’ is a lot more helpful. The first 30 words of the description will be used for printing in the Eastland Trader Booklet.

How to price an item 

If something isn’t new, it can be hard to know what the fair market value is. You can check online for similar items in other areas, and use a rule of thumb like the one below. Ultimately it’ll depend on how much demand there is for what you’re selling, but if you’re unsure try this: 

  • Mint condition - About three quarters of the new price 
  • Very good condition - About two thirds of the new price  
  • Good condition - About half of the new price 
  • Fair condition - About one third of the new price

If you get the price right, you’ll get a quick sale. If the item hasn’t sold after a week, you may want to drop the price.

How to take perfect photos

If you’re taking a picture indoors, aim for a clear uncluttered background, with the light behind your back. If you’re outside, don’t shoot into the sun and use landscape orientation. Crop your picture close to the subject, with a photo size of at least 500KB.